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  • The site you are currently reading is as simple from a technical standpoint as it can possibly be, but still it took me several years to turn the idea of having a personal blog to actually having it.

    I had a couple of iterations on how and where to write posts: I wrote on Reddit, Medium and Devto, I had a small channel in Telegram and even considered Facebook as blogging place. But I never got what I wanted - my own personal space, where I can do whatever I want without being bound to what platform supports. Also I wanted to have my content separate from the way I deliver it, because at some point of time I may want to change the delivery platform, but I don't want to manually export all of the content from there before that. I found the concept of "digital garden" being compelling to me, so I went with old-school personal blog option.

    The tech stack is:

    My current plans on this project (besides the content itself) include implementing comments by myself (migrating away from giscus), adding a dedicated email newsletter, diving into custom web elements to make posts interactive and many more. So stay tuned, make yourself at home, take a sit and grab something to drink read


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